This was a cute one! I just cant seem to get use to her hair. She cut about 8 inches off. Sad, but she loves it. She calls it her big girl hair now. I just hope it grows back fast . I miss it!


  1. Susie you have beautiful children! My daughter's name is Madison...We all call her Maddy. I am taking her on Monday to get her hair cut off too - at least 6 inches! I am dreading it! But she wants it cut! Why must they grow up!
    I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your family - take care sweets!
    xoxo Sherri

  2. Hi Susie,
    WOW....Gorgous children!
    So you like St. Francisville too and you live south in the state like me.....hummmm. HA! Now I'm curious. Don't tell me online because I always think "online weirdos" so I try to be careful......much more careful than I USED to be when I would blurb out names and places and whatever. Just throw me some hints and I will figure out where you all are. We are the Red Stick. HA! Is that SO obvious?
    Your work is beautiful!!
    Is that all done on copper?? Fluer Des Leis are SO HOT here of course. Good work.
    Okay and you have GOT to tell me WHERE that Bed and Breakfast place is at. I want to go there!!! HA! DOES look like Europe.
    Thanks for coming to my site and saying hello..keep in touch and I will do the same and see what your up to.

  3. Hey Susie,
    I think that the next time I stay in St. Francisville and have time to book something way ahead of time.....I will choose this place. Called "The Cottage"...... but someone at my friends party told us to consider "Butler Greenwood." Soooo.....I've stayed at a friends private "get away" home and it was GREAT but they do not have it any longer. Ugh.
    I am VERY familier with Lafayette. So I will check that B&B out and see where it is.
    Thanks for the info.....stay in touch!
    Be blessed,


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