Im home for now..

Thanks for your prayers! My Dad did well with his double knee surgery. Not something I would recommend. Both knees are a bear! He is doing well and they will have him up and in a chair today. I stayed the night with him and will be going back down soon. The drive to New Orleans is no fun. Please keep him in your prayers. I will try to keep everyone posted. Hope to get Maddy's valentines cards up to show you soon. I think Im going to take a long nap(smile). Smiles, Susie


  1. Oh yeah I would be taking a fact I went BACK to bed myself today! HA! It's so dreary out but it's warm. Weird. It's colder in my HOUSE than it is outside.
    GLAD your Dad did well.....I'm just so surprised they did both knees at the same time. My Mom and other people I know had it done and they did them at different times so the one could heal first. I guess it just depends. You WILL have your work cut out for you!
    Thanks for your VERY SWEET comments today!!! I just called my friend and she just got in the door...she said all went fairly well, and they will know the results of what kind of cancer they are dealing with in a few days. :~(
    Can't wait to see the VALENTINES!!!!
    "Sweet Dreams" for now.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. My goodness, I can hardly imagine having both knees down at once. I'm glad your Dad's surgery went well. I notice he is the same age as me. I'll be praying for him and hope he has a fast recovery. I'm certainly hoping and praying the shots will work and I won't have to have knee replacement.

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