A much needed fun weekend was due. So we loaded up and found a iceskating rink. Not an easy task when you live in the South. We found one and was on our way. Madison has been watching skating on tv for some time now. She is only 7 and I tried to explain that is wasnt that easy. I didnt do so well... After hugging the wall and trying to help madison balance for a few rounds around the rink. The skates came off! I put back on my good ole' shoes. Much easier to help hold on to a seven yr old. After a few rounds she just took off. Not a care in the world. No fear of falling or making a fool of herself. Oh the joy's of being a child. Kaylee put on her skates and never looked back. She looked like a pro and needed no help. I think she just wanted to keep her distance from me. The fear of having your Mother fall on her fannie would just be too much to bear. After a few hours a wet fannie and cold hands.... I think my place is watching them from the bleachers with a hot cup of coco. My two girls just make me smile. Im blessed!
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