cant wait...

Im working on getting a blog up with my plaques. As you all know... Im not computer savy. My good friend Sher has taken some of her sweet time to help me out. Im going to start slow with just adding a blog for now. Who know's, I may get brave and do a real"webpage" one day. As for now ,just baby steps. Sher gave me a site to add my signature to my photo's. I was able to get the signature saved in "my pictures". I Still cant figure how do you get them onto the picture!!!! Crazy. Im sure its so easy I just make things harder than they are. Ekkkk. I guess I need some major computer classes,asap. I have a big day planned to work on my blog. Thanks to all of you for being so kind. Maybe I will have somthing to show you soon. Till then ... wish me luck.Sweet dreams to all...


  1. I'm not sure but I think the Live Signtature thingy is just for signing at the bottom of your blog entries. If you want to put your signature on your photos you need a program that allows you to edit your photos like Photoshop or Picture It...

  2. Hey,
    I like the blog topper you put on there. I hear that if you have a business you need to blog or whatever. I don't know because I don't have one. HA! But it makes sense to me.
    Just another form of "PR" I suppose.
    I think that is true about the "photo signature" thing as well Suzie but who knows, I am like not computer savvy. HA! I wouldn't put your artwork on there though "up close" until you have that copyright thing on there though. Sad to say. Since what you do is unique.
    Maybe ask a real life "photographer" in your area because they do that online as well for their photos of Senior pictures and other things.

    PLEASE Pray for our Pastor if you will....he's seeing a Specialist today for some results. We want this to not become a major ordeal for him and his family. I'll fill you in more later.
    Also....glad to hear you Daddy is doing good. I've been wondering.
    I've got to go get ready to go out.

  3. Joy is right - I thought you wanted it for the Blog sweets - I am so sorry!! Yes, Photoshop is what I have and it works well for adding a watermark name to your Photos. I will email you with the details on that, and I have a free Download you can try as well.

    On another Note - I cannot wait Susie!! I can't wait to see your beautiful Artwork for sale here on the Blog - and YES, it will be baby steps - but this is how we all start. I have such high hopes for you!! You will succeed - I just know it!! Believe in yourself :)
    I'll email you in a bit dear -
    Hugs to your dad -
    xo Sher

  4. I came across your blog from Antique Paperie and I love your artwork! I can't wait to see more pics and get a price for them. Good Luck, Paula


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