cant wait...

Im working on getting a blog up with my plaques. As you all know... Im not computer savy. My good friend Sher has taken some of her sweet time to help me out. Im going to start slow with just adding a blog for now. Who know's, I may get brave and do a real"webpage" one day. As for now ,just baby steps. Sher gave me a site to add my signature to my photo's. I was able to get the signature saved in "my pictures". I Still cant figure how do you get them onto the picture!!!! Crazy. Im sure its so easy I just make things harder than they are. Ekkkk. I guess I need some major computer classes,asap. I have a big day planned to work on my blog. Thanks to all of you for being so kind. Maybe I will have somthing to show you soon. Till then ... wish me luck.Sweet dreams to all...


I know... too many blogs in one day can make a girl crazy. My poor husband is going to give me a time out. I did get one thing on my list done today. I painted my sign.Now the question is... where do I put it. Im thinking back on top of my cabinets. Now I can say I did do something today and I even shared it with my friends. On to number job no. 2 on my list. Oh, before I let you go... Is there anyone out there that could explain to me how you put your names on your photos. I think that is sooo neat. smiles....


Im having some trouble getting my pictures to upload. Im sure its me... Ok here goes again.


Now dont get me wrong, I adore my family BUT... When Monday rolls around Im glad to get my house back(smile). We all stayed in most of the weekend. Im just not one to get out if it's yuk. I did take the dreaded trip to "Wally World" so I should be set for the week. I worked on my plaques a little. I still have to the sand the edges, drill holes,and string the ribbons. I was able to get my lovely husband to hang my clock in my foyer,yeah. It has been laying on the floor for some time now. I went on a painting expo and that was one thing that needed to be put back. After getting three kids off to school and a husband to work its peaceful again. My plans for the day... Have lunch with Madison, she loves that! I bought an old ceiling tile from a cute little shop in town. Some of you may have seen the others that I made, posts ago.Well, I saved the big one for myself. I want to paint a word on it. Not sure of the word yet. I would love to finish my plaques soon. I have a spring show coming up at Southdown Plantation in March. After that will be the GRAND show in Canton, Mississippi. I look forward to that one. Its always very nice. Well Guess I better start on my list. The sun is showing it's sweet little face today. That put's a smile on my face. Hope the sun is out wherever you may be. Your friend, Susie

My cutie pa tootie..

Last weekend I spent the whole day trying to get one cute picture of Maddy. She just doesnt like to have her picture taken. Ugh!!! She is so cute and when she does let me get a shot it comes out so good. Well on this day it just wasnt gonna happen! I was able to get just a few (without tears) that I could use. I know what your thinking... just buy valentines cards at the store. Thats too easy. My best friend lives in Houston now. She is a wonderful self taught photographer. Im so proud of how far she has come. She has that eye for the perfect picture. She will be opening her new studio soon. Yeah!!! Well, she takes my pictures and adds these great cards to them. I know, How sweet is that! You can check her out at Hope everyone is staying warm and dry. We will be staying in for the day Im sure. Maddy is not feeling well. Her nose is stuffy. Its so cold here but this weekend Im sure it will be hot. The joys of living in the south! keep smiling, Susie

Sweet memories..

Yesterday I came across a blog that just touched my heart. Grandmothers are so dear. I find you never have enough time with them. They have so much knowledge and wisdom you just cant soak it all in. I lost both of mine in the past few years. I treasure all of the sweet memories. Although they were different in many ways they both seemed to be the perfect "Grandmother". One, very tall, proper and poised. The other, very petite,gentle,and soft. Each perfect in my eyes. They both seem to bring out the best in me. I hope I can pass down a little bit of each to my girls. After reading that sweet blog it tugged at my heart to gather some of my memories. Searching in the attic I came across some of my Grandmothers things. Im not sure what to do with them but it was just nice looking back. My daughter even enjoyed going through our treasures. This was just one of many boxes. Thought I would share with you a few things. Any good ideas on what to do with these neat patterns? Hope you enjoy!

Im home for now..

Thanks for your prayers! My Dad did well with his double knee surgery. Not something I would recommend. Both knees are a bear! He is doing well and they will have him up and in a chair today. I stayed the night with him and will be going back down soon. The drive to New Orleans is no fun. Please keep him in your prayers. I will try to keep everyone posted. Hope to get Maddy's valentines cards up to show you soon. I think Im going to take a long nap(smile). Smiles, Susie

This morning..

Please keep my Dad in your prayers.He will be having double knee surgery today. Im sure it will be a long recovery for him. He is 71 and is in pretty good health. Sooo ,if you dont hear from me from time to time I will have my hands full. One good thing about it is he lives next door. After about a week in the hospital he will come back home. I can jump between houses for a bit. Thanks for your prayers. I think we will all need them(smile). Till next time, Susie


This was a cute one! I just cant seem to get use to her hair. She cut about 8 inches off. Sad, but she loves it. She calls it her big girl hair now. I just hope it grows back fast . I miss it!

Just smile for Pete's sake!!!

Well yesterday I had this grand idea of taking cute pictures of my little one Maddy. She on the other hand had other plans. Why oh why cant you just sit there and look cute? She has the cute part down but the smerk on her face. After many tears and tantrums from both of us I was able to get one or two ok pictures. I hope to make some cute cards for maddy to give out in class for her Val. day party. I will post those when I can. Well at least she let me take a few... Jesse (17), he only lets me catch a photo when he has killed a bird or his truck is full of mud! Ladies wiyh the little babies. Enjoy! They grow oh too fast.
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A much needed fun weekend was due. So we loaded up and found a iceskating rink. Not an easy task when you live in the South. We found one and was on our way. Madison has been watching skating on tv for some time now. She is only 7 and I tried to explain that is wasnt that easy. I didnt do so well... After hugging the wall and trying to help madison balance for a few rounds around the rink. The skates came off! I put back on my good ole' shoes. Much easier to help hold on to a seven yr old. After a few rounds she just took off. Not a care in the world. No fear of falling or making a fool of herself. Oh the joy's of being a child. Kaylee put on her skates and never looked back. She looked like a pro and needed no help. I think she just wanted to keep her distance from me. The fear of having your Mother fall on her fannie would just be too much to bear. After a few hours a wet fannie and cold hands.... I think my place is watching them from the bleachers with a hot cup of coco. My two girls just make me smile. Im blessed!
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Just one more blog...

Reading everyones blogs is like eating girlscout cookies (thin mints of course). I just cant seem to get enough. The talent in all of you is just too much. I think of myself as a stay at home mom. When I read your stories and see a peek into your homes. Wow! We are so much more than that! God has placed a special talent on each one of us. Im still trying to find my one big thing. My family is of course my on going project. I find that its my hardest job yet. Im a mother of a 17yr. Son, 15yr. daughter, and a 7yr. daughter going on 25. I pray that when my job is done that with the Lords help , I will have produced 3 awesome people in this world. Boy I have a big job ahead of me! Yes, Here are a few more plaques that I have made.
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What a wonderful place to visit!

Just thought I would share this awesome B&B with you. Marc and I stayed here last year for "sweeties day". My Sister and her husband came along. We had such a nice time and were able to catch a Mardi Gras parade to boot! We were a bit frozen by the nights end but it was great. This B&B takes you to a far away place. You feel as though you are in another place and time. The rooms were cozy but no tubs (sad) just showers. The flowers around us made up for that! If you ever want to visit Europe for one day, this would be the place. Im not sure where my sweetie and I will journey to this year. With three kids and a budget you just cant seem to go too far. We will find that special place. We need to get away and Im always looking for a good photo opp. any suggestions?
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I think I did it!

I cant believe it! I think I may have this picture posting figured out! Im so proud of myself. Watch out now. Here comes alot of pictures your way. He he
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A big thank you!

I have to brag for a bit... I think I have the best sister in the world. Better yet, I know I have the best Sister. She dropped all that she was busy doing just to come over and snap a few photo's for me. Thank you Miss! I love you. We could spend hours upon hours just playing. Now that she found the blog world watch out were hooked. It's fun to call each other and tell of our new found site. I cant wait till she has the time to make one of her own. Kudo's to her for my new pictures. Here are a few of the boards that I make. Some are made right on to very old ceiling tiles. I just love them! No two are alike. Enjoy!

I need your help!

Im going crazy trying to find a certain stamp for my collection. ( not that I have a big collection) but Im trying. I saw a wonderful blog the other day and she made the sweetest tags. On one of them was a fluer de lis with a crown in the center of it. If any of you may have seen one like this please let me know. I cant wait for my sister's help with taking some pictures of my boards. I cant wait to share them with all of you. I guess I need to purchase a new camera so I can stop bugging my sister.

My First,

This is my first attempt at a blog. Please excuse my lack of knowledge. My kids have given up the cause in helping me out. Try, Try, Try, I will get it right one day! I made it through the holidays in one piece. I love Christmas and all of the love and joy and meaning behind it. Sometimes I get so caught up in all of the decorating and gift buying I forget what it all stands for. Well the "Big Day" has passed and the tree is down. What now? I guess I will try my hand at this blog. It seems like alot of fun. I could spend hours reading them. I will have to learn to set limits for myself. My goals for the new year...1. Be a better parent, wife, daughter, and sister. 2. lose weight 3. spend more time with family 4. Stop feeling guilty! 5. get my business up and going! 6. make new friends last but not least Pray more , worry less! They say it takes about one month to get into a habit.. whewww I have a ways to go

smiles, Susie