A Giveaway and Etsy is OPEN!

Remember when I started painting these...

I painted and painted..

and painted some more.

Yall were so sweet and asked about them but I just couldnt find the time to list them here and at home.

Now that the Christmas rush is over...ThankyouLord! I have listed a few things that were some of my best sellers. Isnt this sign a hoot!

I have the black one in my laundry room. I hate to fib to you nice people. It doesnt work. I still have to search and rescue the dirty clothes about my house.

This is one of my favorites and Im sure you know why~

So I hope all of you that were interested will go and check out my little etsy. Please tell your friends all about it cause you just may get lucky and win one of these...

Your very own. This is open to all of you faithful lurkers too, smile. So why are you still here?.... Go...shop...tell your friends...and comment to win.

A kitchen divided......

Here is my kitchen...here is my problem. Are you ready for a long ride? This could take months. A year maybe! Are you still with me? Good. I need a friend about now. It all started when my dishwasher died. No big deal just family over and a ton of dishes. I thought I would be the good wife and told my husband I would just wash by hand. No need to buy a new one. Its just a want not a need.For the love of everything good What was I thinking!

That want turned into a need and we went shopping for this darling.

She is not the top of the line or the strip model. She is just right for me.

So where is the problem you ask...All of my darlings are white. What's a girl to do. This girl bought stainless. Oh yes I did! Im from Louisiana people. Cajuns can get away with that stuff. Now the problem is this...
1. I want to replace the rest but I have to pay cash, ouch!
2. I need to work my little fingers to the bone and get some hard earned green.
3. I think I can I think I can....

The next step will be this microwave. Im not feeling too bad about letting her go. Her little handle broke and she is tired...very tired.

This mister will be hard to say goodbye to. I love his smooth surface. The fridge will be the last to go. The ones that are still alive and kicking at the time of departure will go to a much needing family. So this is why I need to get a painting and open that etsy store. I have a kitchen in need.

And yes..Im one of those people that take down right after Christmas. The village people packed up and headed north to the attic

The feathers on the mantel flew the coup.

The light is light once again

I think I may just keep this out for a bit longer. So if you have stayed with me till the very end. You are a true friend, smile. For that I will let you in on a little secret. I have a giveaway coming, yes indeed!

What every girls wants....

What Mom can live without one of these babies. Yes, its an air pump. No more flat tires for this girl.

I like to keep it practical. I did get some smell good for my house and a necklace. My family together and healthy was the best gift of all. Hope yall had a great Christmas. What was your favorite gift~

The greatest love story ever told...

Lastnight we all sat down and watched a movie. I had seen this movie before when a few of us girls had gone from church. It is one of the greatest love stories I have ever seen. My youngest sat and didnt move the entire movie. The Nativity!

If you feel stressed and unworthy. If you feel you dont have the best gifts for your child. If you feel you are missing something in your life. If you want to see the greatest gift ever given..... please watch this movie. I love my Lord more. I see love and grace given when its not deserved. I no longer worry that I dont have the best gift I could buy for my kids. It has already been bought and given. I have kept with my promise with the Lord and showed this gift to my kids... It's all in the taking... Merry Christmas my friends.. God bless~

Bountiful Blessings.....

Im sure everyone has their own opinion on this dear family. I know I do. God bless them! And he has~ 18 times and counting. Welcome Miss Jordyn Grace to this wonderful world.

Daddy Duggar says he will welcome more if the Lord allows. Whewwww. I thought I had my plate full. I think this family is doing something right. Do I want 18 little ones? Maybe not but it is so nice getting to see how great this family handles it. Welcome home Baby Jordyn! I cant wait till tonight cause they will be on TLC. My popcorn is ready. "It's a beautiful life... it's a beautiful world.." I come running when I hear that song on TLC...dont ya just love it!

Teachers gifts and for sale soon...

This is what my child is giving her teachers for Christmas. I hope they like them.

They have seen and bought everything I make at her school. It had to be something new and it had to be fast!

I had one piece of left over wood and cut it in half.

So they each get an 8x8 handpainted piece of goodness.

I didnt intend to wait till the last minute to make my teachers gifts. They are giving my kid the greatest gift ever....an education for petes sake! What was I thinking~

So just in case you are interested in one for your little self..

I will have them for sale after Christmas.

I will give a shout out when my Etsy store will be up and loaded again

I would love to hear what you think about them and if you have any suggestions. Dont you feel a giveaway is needed! Yes indeed... stayed tuned for that~

Cake for breakfast...

This is the best part about having a birthday in the house. Cake for breakfast! Thank yall for all of the warmest birthday wishes a girl could have. I wanted to stop right then and there and thank each and everyone one of you for taking your time for me. Thats the greatest gift you can give a person... your time. Im sorry I couldnt because I didnt plop myself into bed until very late. My friends.... thank you. You are very dear to me~


but the best one of all was the play. It was priceless of course.

Can you guess what lil hoolagan is mine?... Today Im making two teachers gifts for Madison to give tommorow. Nothing like waiting right. You wont want to miss these babies cause I will have them for sale after Christmas. Yes... I will show you as soon as Im done painting them today. Oh I cant wait for yall to see.... too cute~

My birthday wish...

On this day...a few years ago... I met my Mom and Dad for the first time. Im thankful for so many things. My parents gave me the best present ever... life!

Today I get to spend my day taking one kid to the Dr. then rushing back home to get dressed for my little ones Christmas Play. What's my birthday wish you ask... For my oldest to graduate..my midddle one to be allergy free..my youngest to sleep in her own room at night. Not too much for a Mom to ask for ..right? Did I mention how much I hated that purple shirt. The elastic alone cut all of the blood flow to my brain. Thank goodness my pigtails were pulled so tight I had to smile all day. Thank you Lord for another year~

Want to make an easy bow....

** Just for the know... the paper and ribbon came from Hobby Lobby** Does trying to make the perfect package have you tied up in knots? This is my bow making made easy...

I start with my package

I criss cross my ribbon around the package and tie in a knot.

Cut a piece of ribbon about a foot long.

Slip it under your criss cross.

Cut another piece about this long.... I never measure I just guess ta mate! Sorry

Make a loop

Then make another...

Go back n forth

You should end up with a tail on each end. Take your bundle of loops and place over your piece that you tucked under the criss cross.

Take each end of your foot long piece and wrap around your bundle of loops and tie it in a knot. This will then hold your loops in place. Dont worry about your tails...

I use ribbon with wire because its a dream to work with and your bow stays where you put it. I fluff out all of my loops. Dont worry about tugging too tight because your knot should hold it in place.

I found these lil darlings at Hobby Lobby.

I just stick it in right under the bow. I leave the stem on so it can be used over and over...


For the guys in the family I try to tone down the fluff stuff and just give them a smaller bow.

I still use a bit of green but not as much.

See this big fluffy fern... Just a snip here and a snip there. It will never miss it!

So now I have presents bought...wrapped...and ready to be

mailed! Hope it makes it there just as pretty. Have fun wrapping~